Thursday, July 22, 2010

How can such a broken world not break you?

I have pondered many times what God meant when He said He will show us the pathway of peace. Is it a serene satisfaction from not becoming too busy? Is it a lifestyle far away from your troubles? I can honestly say that I am not so sure it is a problem free environment being we live in a fallen world. A world that is still falling. A world that beckons us to 'reason' things out "logically." A world that burdens us with the idea we are doing terribly wrong if we go against the system in any way. A world that bombards us with entertainment as if we are robots who cannot function without the next big 'hit.' A world that loathes at the true fact that we are becoming individuals who cannot even think for ourselves. A world that works overtime to steal our child's heart. A world where creation worships creation and pays no mind to having any creator or fear of one. A world that kills with no second thought--even so, millions of babies cry out in terror before our "adults" end their life. A world that only thinks of making a dollar even at the expense of our health. A world where the only solution to 'out of control' students is to introduce sex education to kinder gardeners. God help us. Deliver us. I think I'm beginning to see the pathway of you? I'm truly starting to feel like an alien here.


  1. It does break my heart...heavy hearts here in our little town this morning. Our neighbor came over last night to tell us she and her husband are getting a divorce. She is so scared, doesn't know how she is going to make it alone.

    The closer we draw ourselves to our Lord, the stranger this place seems, it is not our home, we are only passing through.

  2. Becky, I am so glad you commented. I've missed hearing from you. I have been needing your home address. I didn't have your email but if you'd like to email it to me at i'd appreciate it! Praying for your neightbor. That's very sad!



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