Monday, October 22, 2012

Why no more facebook?

    It all began one sunny, hot day while feeling very cluttered that I decided to think long & hard on how to de-clutter the kitchen table. Here's where we had school, my husband and I had our bibles and notes sprawled out there, with limited counter space it was also where all the fruit and paper towels, etc lingered. In the evenings, I would push everything to one end so we could eat supper, hot, steaming pans, all brought to the table, not buffet style. I grew exasperated with this; the clutter, not the steaming pans. So, as the sun rays shown in the kitchen door, my mind began to work....I moved things around on the kitchen counter to make room for kitchen items that were kept on the table & brought in shelving for designated school books, etc. By the time I was done there was not one thing on my table!! Except a burning candle, mind ya. I wiped it down till it shone bright under them rays. I breathed in the space! The first thing out of my husband's mouth upon coming home from work, "wow, the table is empty!" Of course, like any frantic OCD venture of needing to de-clutter it was short lived. I'm actually sitting at the table with my laptop, my husband's bible & notes around me, coloring book, my bible and notes at the other end, paper towels, three devotion books piled up, magazine, sippy cup, kitchen towel, my phone, & my plate of food. But I wouldn't call my hard work that sunny mid morning pointless---I still try to minimize it all at night as much as possible. Okay, back to that day.....

   I could not get the word 'clutter' out of my head. And heart. Yes, I had been making time for God's word, & I didn't neglect my household and teaching duties. But my mind was clogged. It seriously needed a plunger. I was "filled" with what random people were eating for supper, what movie they were going to see, who they were with, what they were doing, etc, etc......I was keeping up with people's lives that I barely knew! Why? What's the harm in this you ask? Simply, for me, I was collecting junk and there was no room in my mind & heart for the Holy spirit. Daily filling up with random people's info robbed my kids of 'mommy's best.' It's a fact that what our minds are full of is what our hearts will be centered around which will be evident in our actions---in our attitudes---in our priorities. I would read the word but it just wouldn't was very evident the Lord was whispering, "have you left room for me? Is something else your source of fulfillment...why do you choose, daily, to fill up on emptiness when I have promised you life and life more abundantly?" It's like a druggy who keeps going back.....and back.....and behind their back people whisper about them and say, "why do they choose such a sickly road to get their fix? Don't they realize what it's stealing from them? Don't they know there's a whole different world?" The enemy is very clever---though technology is at it's high and comes in pretty darn handy---the enemy has also found ways to make it very useful to his agenda. We are careful with movies, music, & things we allow in our home & our minds, but being a steward of my time was something I failed. It's not very complicated really, simply that Jesus wants to be first in my life. He wants me to desire Him more in the mornings than I do twitter. Or facebook. 

  This was taken from my devotion book and basically confirmed what I felt the Lord was asking of me. 
"My dear fellow christians, if you mean business for God in these desperate days, I suggest to you we need an examination of every part of our lives so that the furniture with which the enemy clutters them up might be thrown out. Oh, that we would learn to make room for God to work!
It is not a question of whether a thing be right or wrong, but what savor have the things of Christ in it? It may be a very small thing. If we find the reading of a book makes the manifestation of Christ to become less precious to us, we have gotten away from God, and we cannot tell where the next step may take us. Satan often cheats us in this way. . .if anything comes in & takes the freshness of Christ from your soul, take heed!" ---His Victorious Indwelling. 

  I wrestled many days with the idea of leaving my personal facebook account for a time. I argued that as a stay at home mommy it was somewhat of my connection to updates and socializing. But is it really what bonds two friendships? Friends can have fun on there, yes, but it's not what brings soul ties. Face to face is what makes real friends...remembering friends with a real card on their birthday is what's real...the ones who really care what you're eating for supper will text and ask you. Facebook, for me, was a way to escape from so many that needed me here, even just mentally escape, there's nothing in it's entirety that's wrong with that, it's just that I found I wanted to escape once too often than I needed and I would find my body doing what it should be in the home but my mind was far away. 
Am I suggesting everyone needs to lose their account? Of course............not! Everyone struggles with different areas. I have precious friends who have facebook and I want to text them and mention that their profile pic is 4 years old. This is how unattached they are. I envy them. This is between the Lord and I. He's actually brought me here before and I was off facebook for about 6 months. Recently I felt He has brought me back to this place. But I do want family & dear friends who care about what's going on in our life to please keep in touch!  I'll also have my email ( and cell (870-378-6874). :) My blog has been something that keeps me faithful in the Word, one reason why I'm happy to share here. While you're here--sign up for receiving updates in your email. I feel good about the decision knowing it will be strictly family and friends who really care, that are keeping up with our personal life. I will be back to facebook personally, when I feel the Lord has given me that release. Right now, I just need to de-clutter. 
To all my family and dearest sisters in christ, 

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