Monday, March 18, 2013

To bring his & his family's suffering into the light; Pastor Saeed.

Friends & family, I want to give you a heads up of one of many persecutions going on with our brethren in the faith. Pastor Saeed & his family are American citizens who do a lot of missions work over in Iran, his home country. He has started many home churches over there through the years as well  as orphanages. This last trip, before being arrested, he was headed over to one of his orphanages with an offering. This money was taken by the government in Iran. He was sentenced to eight years in one of the most brutal prisons in that country enduring extreme abuse daily while bring asked to deny his Christian faith. The torture he endures has left him unable to stand without shaking uncontrollably. I fear for his life everyday. His wife & children are asking for help from brothers and sisters in the household of faith to please put Pastor Saeed on their daily prayer list. But there's more that you can do!  There's been petitions where over 500,000 have signed and last week was a congressional hearing held by the ACLJ leaders & his wife pleading the case of our American citizen and brother in Christ. We are holding our breath and praying that our government takes action to free this man and bring him home to his family. This is only one of many who suffer for the name of Christ but it weighs heavy on my heart. Imagine if it were your husband & daddy to your children.....lets come together and be the voice him & his family need right now. You can sign the petition and hear from his wife, Naghmeh, here at this website If you have a smart phone you can install the ACLJ app and sign important petitions like this one almost everyday; and keep up to par on the results. 

Pass the prayer request along and lets not give up on our brother & his family.

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