Tuesday, May 18, 2010

As I walk from earth into eternity!

In this moment I am overwhelmed with eternity. What will it be like? Will all christians be together in one place, or will some have gone further than others? I can't help but ponder this because it's in everyone's future. Is eternity as C.S Lewis describes his 'ideas' of the after life; we step into another world, almost as if there's more to discover and learn on the other side. I am so curious that in this moment I can't possibly sleep. I just know I want to be where God is...I want that more than anything, even so right now. Living with an eternal perspective makes things seem so meaningless here on earth. Except the spiritual and eternal investments that is. Our hurts, disappointments in leadership, stabs in the back from our own kind, financial pressures, confusion in the Body of Christ, oh goodness, there's so much that keep us occupied and so much that holds tight to our thoughts all day. I wish we could lay it all aside and allow ourselves to wonder about our future--then all the things I mentioned above (with many more out there) seem like only shadows in the back of our minds in the light of Him! "Heal my heart and make it clean! Open up my eyes to the things unseen! Show me how to love as you have loved me! Break my heart for what breaks your's! Everything I am for your kingdom's cause, as I walk from earth into...eternity..." -Brooke Fraser

Once we grasp this eternal focus and depth we realize how meaningless and silly it is was of us to measure our success and journey on earth in terms of others around us. How foolish! We are all pilgrims headed to the same end...but only some will be truly ready and anxious to step over...others will be too attatched to their castles built in the sand; their treasures they have laid up here on earth. I pray, Lord, I be not one of those.

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  1. Very good! Thanks for sharing! Love, Erin!



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