Thursday, August 26, 2010

If it's cool enough to open the windows.

My favorite evenings include the days where Justin is home at a good time. The house is clean, the girls are occupying themselves (because sometimes they don't),  supper is in the oven and the heat wave has faded.  In the atmosphere of an evening such as this I like to put some classical music on, light candles &, if cool enough, open the windows. Everyone seems to settle in happily. There is just something about it being cool enough to open the windows...

Yesterday was an evening such as this. I loved it so much that I am blogging about it today. After supper we all shifted to the outdoors where we stayed till the girls bath time.  Obviously, we cannot have these specific evenings all year round but there is that special time of year when it happens. The best "homey" memories I have is going to bed with the windows open and waking up and needing my robe because it's so crisp and cool in the house. I am very excited that more of these evenings are on their way...truly this is my favorite time of year.


  1. Aren't these days just grand??? I can't get enough of them, headed outside just now, as soon as I get my cup of coffee! Hot coffee!lol Drink in as much as you can just in case a little heat returns...I sure hope it doesn't.

  2. I really like your blog background-- very cute!

  3. Autumn is my Favorite too! But Boo to rental homes where the windows don't open!!



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