Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Messy, Beautiful Mystery.

What you do to the least of these, you do to me. -Jesus

Lately my heart has been awakened. But not because of my morning coffee or afternoon chai. Yes, I had to throw that in because I do consider those two things small luxurious in my home. I have always struggled with my ministry; whatever that may mean.  Over the past couple years I have come a long way in my thoughts towards it but if you would have asked me when I first married you would have been surprised with my answer. You see, feeding children, bathing children, cooking meals, cleaning house, teaching children, and the millions of things in between I considered merely my responsibility. I considered it a good day when I could get ahead with the housework, everyone fed and have a little "me time." The days I could not get ahead I considered bad days. I would be frustrated if I went to bed at night and toys were still scattered in my bedroom. I would feel frustrated if Lauren demanded breakfast at 7:00 when we had the chance to sleep till 8:00. I would feel frustrated if I had been on my feet more than half the day and finally sat down to take a break and one of the girls came tugging at my leg wanting something...else.  I remember saying to myself once "I wish I had quiet time, spare time, to work on the devotional I once started. I know it would have been a good ministry." I smile at this remembrance now. I know now that whatsoever we do, we do as unto the Lord. This home, these needy little faces, this man I promised myself to five years ago is my ministry. If I cannot serve them well then how do I expect to ever bless others.  The toys scattered in the floor at night that didn't make it in the "clean up time" before bed is part of my ministry. And I learn to serve in that way with no grumble or complaining. The early morning wake up calls from my girls (even if I feel I just laid down for the night, lol) is my ministry. Sometimes I look into these precious girls faces and I can hear God whisper "this is your ministry. Give it your best." They deserve to see me sincerely smile at them just as much, if not more, than the stranger at the grocery store. As mothers we may feel as though this is not enough. We need to be doing more, we feel capable to do more...but when you accept your family & home as your number one ministry you realize how big it really is and often we fall short of fulfilling this calling to the uttermost. It takes a great deal of the fruit of the spirit, it takes a great deal of energy, time, thought, & planning. If we are truly working to perfect our ministry to the most important souls God has placed in our care then we soon find we don't have alot of "me time" to plan ministry outside the home. Our heart will soon become tame and learn it's 'big adventure' begins when we step out of bed in the mornings at home. We preach Jesus continually in these little ears, we even threaten them with that name :), but do we give them Jesus when we talk to them? Are we introducing Jesus to them in the way we love them? Surely for them to even begin to know Him they will have to start learning how to recognize His nature and learn that they are drawn to that love. May we all settle down and begin to accept our true ministry...the one that we will be accountable for one day. Our Children and Home.


  1. Beautiful, Krysten...*tears*
    Love, Erin

  2. Krysten!!! I didn't know you blogged!!!

    What a wonderful post. It took me years to figure out that my Home, my Family was my Ministry. And once I did, life changed for me in ways I *hope* to one day be able to explain. Until then, I am just thankful, grateful for the opportunity.

    You may not feel as if you were "serving" your family to the best of your ability...but, I will say, from the outside, it always seemed to me that you were giving your husband and girls your best. go read your other 10 posts before Brian and Connor get home from Cub Scouts :)




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