Friday, October 15, 2010


I simply feel...happy.

Lauren took this picture & though
it is not my favorite picture of myself,
it describes very much how I feel.
Maybe it's the weather...maybe it's
my family....maybe it's God's blessings
...maybe it's the vision God's birthing
in my heart...maybe it's simply God,
Himself...but I am happy.

Excuse Lauren's clothes today. I am aware they don't
match. But the days she dresses herself are the days
we love best. It means we are not living up to anyone's
expectations and we view our attire as simply a covering
not our identity. It also means it's the days we don't
expect to see anyone, LoL. Free, dirt filled days...

This is my kitchen sink. This is where I spend alot of my
day.  The roses are from my rose bush outside. Justin
pulls one off everyday before coming in from work and
hands me one. The picture in the window is my great
grandpa that has gone on to be with the Lord. That is
Lauren and I with him before he passed. I was blessed
that Lauren was able to meet him (though, she doesn't
remember but we have proof) before he died. He lived a
life completely unto the Lord and all his children and grand-
children are serving the Lord. I am reminded of this everytime
I'm at the sink; which is often. The card is from Justin. It's
special because he got it for me after our big experience
with Liberty's seizure. It means alot to me. The bird in the
window is from my sister, Erin. My bedroom is done in
birds and she grabbed it for me while she was in Hardee a
couple wks ago. The key ring hanging on the wall is also from
her...except this was bought seven years ago when I graduated
and was lost as a goose as to what to do with my life. It simply
reads "God never shuts one door without opening another." The
flip calendar is from my mother-in-law probably five years ago.
I reuse it every year. It's scritpure and encouragment for mothers.
The dish soap is from Kroger. :0)

And this is my view from my kitchen sink. It may seem
simple and I know there are better views out there but
the trees (that happen to be the neighbors behind us) are
beautiful to me. The little gated area off the fence was
where we started our first garden this past spring.
This window is usually open during these breezy days
and I enjoy washing dishes with a fresh breeze & talking
to my kids through the screen. This is also where many
prayers and concerns have been lifted to the Lord.

Just thought I'd be a little personal today. Blessings to
each and everyone who took time to read!

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