Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Because he wants to live the rest of his life..."

   Veterans Day. I have shed many tears reading some great posts and notes from friends sharing their hearts about today and the sacrifices that were made and are made. Hearts that stand sincerely grateful and hearts that don't turn their eyes from the grief soldiers have endured and their loved ones. These sincerely grateful hearts don't walk out their front door without the realization that there was a great price paid to walk in this freedom.
  Yesterday I was outside with the girls and I heard Lauren say to herself "because he wants to live the rest of his life..." I looked at what she was holding and she had a ladybug in her hand. I asked her why she said that and she answered, "One time Auntie and I saw a stick bug and I asked her if I could step on it. Auntie said 'no, because he wants to live the rest of his life...' so, I don't want to kill this ladybug either so it can live the rest of his life." I could only smile. It was only a bug, yes, but the character of not being swift to use our power to kill or hurt rang deep in that moment. To be slow to speak and slow to anger. To let things defend the weaker. What a principle to live by! Thank you, Erin for teaching this to Lauren...and me.
  And this is the attitude that brings me to my knees for our country and our veterans. The ones that count their lives as nothing to defend the helpless and the weaker. May we take this same grateful attitude and use it in our own lives. May we defend the ones smaller, less fortunate, or simply weaker and teach this to our children. Teach them to value all life. To not be swift to hate or hurt whether that be in our actions or our tongue. To be a defender of the weak and stand for those who can't. To be a soldier with the appearance of an angel. May gentleness be in our touch towards the ones we are here to defend (our children). But there among the sweet smell of life may there lie a soldier's heart to protect the right to life! Thank you veterans!!


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful, and what a statement...for her to have, to remember and repeat...thank you so much for sharing this. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for reading, Becky! Yes, a great statement to have. I agree!



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