Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pain, sorrow, comfort & joy!

Hello Friends.

It has been awhile since I have blogged. I always have much to say but it is rare that I actually gather my thoughts and put them in order to make sense & blog. Writing is definitely therapeutic. It's just that my therapy times are limited and becoming scarce. I expect it to only get worse when the new little bundle arrives and consumes all of our day. Speaking of which, this reminds me of why I am writing today. I am pregnant. I have a new life growing inside of me and I don't know how my heart stays within my chest at times. The overwhelming excitement has lead me down a trail of memories; thinking of the course of Justin and I's five year and a half years of marriage. From the outside it looks like we have been nothing but a young couple in love and had the perfect little family. But truthfully our journey has left us scars. Beautiful scars. There have been a few hard knocks in our road that have brought us much pain and sorrow. Some circumstances are too personal to blog about but you just have to trust me when I say it's amazing how God pulled this young couple through. Our marriage has been blissful at times but it has also been ugly. It is through these sorrows that our inner most heart of hearts has found God. The true God. We thought we married into a fresh start of a perfect journey; but it was this journey that we would get the hardest blows. Whether it be from church, family, past or each other. Thankfully our God was not oblivious to what lied beyond our wedding day. He was more than prepared. God met us at every low turn and in those dark days God was the closest He had ever been. I love Him for it. I love Him more than I could have ever loved Him had things been "perfect." It has been through pain & sorrow that we have found His comfort and Grace. Oh, His grace. The abundance of grace bestowed upon us! I love Him, I love Him, I love Him. And I praise Him for being a true healer to His broken people. He has turned my mourning into dancing. He has heard our cries. He is near to the broken hearted. And above all...He is faithful. God has blessed our home and our family. He is our joy. May God be praised.

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  1. It really is a strange thing isn't it, that it is through adversity, we learn more of God's sustaining power in our lives. So thankful that He has been faithful in all of our lives, for the grace that precedes each day we walk in.

    Meant to comment a long time ago, and I'm just now getting back to do so.

    Miss you all so much!



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