Monday, February 14, 2011

Pizza delivered up the road and down the hill.

   I would like to share a funny story that happened to us last week. During one of the snow days I called Pizza Hut to see if they were delivering in this weather. To my surprise they happily said "oh yeah." I was very glad because I do not drive in the stuff and I was fresh out of culinary ideas for supper. By the time Justin had pulled up from work my phone rang; if I don't recognize the number then sometimes I don't answer. This happen to be one of those times and Justin answered it instead. I am very glad he did because it was our delivery girl explaining she was stuck up the road down a hill. She said she could not move forward or backwards and didn't know what to do. Between you and me, if she would have come the short, easy way to our house she would have made it. She took the long, back way explaining it was the only way she knew. Justin offered to come help. I couldn't bear the thought of our pizza getting cold and it was only a block from us. (Yes, I was worried about the girl too!) Fortunately my mother happen to stop by and stayed with the girls while I rode with Justin. We drove down the road and stopped at the top of hill and spotted a large, white conversion van sitting down the hill. A lady gets out once she sees us and Justin hops out of the truck and slides down the hill with his boots. Yes, only my husband would offer such a charming greeting. I sit and watch this lady raise her arms up over, and over, and over again....and I'm sitting there thinking, 'is she really saying "I don't know what to do" that many times?' Eventually Justin comes back up the hill and gets an ax out of the back of the truck (I'm hoping he's not scaring the poor girl by this point) and gives me a look in the window like 'this is a crazy one...'  and slides on his feet with the ax back down the hill. I sit and watch him swing it behind the back of the van and then the lady hops back in the van and starts it. She seems scared to do anything and I see Justin give her the same motion three times, which tells me  he is his assuring her to do something he's saying. Finally the van makes it out of the rut and she is on the dirt road once again. Now maybe I am crazy but it is at this point that I would hand the customer his pizza and maybe even offer a discount. Instead she sighs and says "Ok, now what is the best way to get to your house?" Justin tried not to laugh and says "I can just take it now and pay you here...." She says "are you sure??????" We get the pizza, pay full price and drive home laughing. So now the phrase lately has been "what is the best way to get to your house?" Always good for a laugh around here!

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