Friday, October 1, 2010

My job is changing weekly.

Happy October! May God bless families that are sold out to Him and may those families be used to bless america...

I know that I write alot about my children and my daily life with them. I know some may think 'do you not think of anything else at times?'  Haha, truthfully, not really. They consume my thoughts, my passion, my drive, my joy, and through them I find so much of God. Lately I have realized that our daily routine of school, meals, devotions, baths, etc are changing. I do not merely do the same thing (though, some things are the same in a sense) every year, month or week. The girls grow and my relationship with them changes. I love the idea of our children growing up and being our friends. I never agreed with people who told me they cannot possibly be your friend because you are their mother! Aren't we glad God doesn't treat us that way. :)

What I am learning this week is that I do not have to wait for my girls to grow up and become my friends. I do not have to wait for them to reach my level of thinking. I am learning how to befriend them now.  I am having to search out childhood again. I am digging up my imagination again. I do not simply scold Lauren for not having an imagination and to entertain herself while I get chores done. I take time to drop all my superiority and play with her. I am learning how to imagine again. I am teaching her how to play! I know, children are supposed to be born with this but I can't say Lauren was ever good at playing alone.  I am unlocking doors in her mind and teaching her how to love childhood...who knew that I would grow up only to learn to be a child again.  This may seem silly, but I sat down the other day and played polly pockets with Lauren and in that I knew I had been missing out on so much of my ministry! Part of my ministry is playing!  Not only that but I learned so much about Lauren that day; what she thinks about, how she views family life, how she views different roles of family members, etc. I was also able to teach her things through playing. Things that she embraces easily rather than hearing me hound these things over & over in an adult tone :) I pray that I can fill her need for needing a playmate, as much as possible, so that  she is not searching elsewhere. I pray her dad & I fill different needs along Lauren and Liberty's journey that keeps them happy and feeling no desire to look beyond their home.  My ministry changes often with my girls but lately it has been learning how to play.  I laugh when I think of what C.S Lewis said "someday you'll be old enough to read fairy tales again..." Grandparents find this out sooner than parents I believe.

One day they will be anxious to grow up and will soon find out they have to learn to be a child all over again when their own children come along. There's something about child-hood that never really goes away. So dear moms, though the dishes are piled high, laundry calls your name and the bathroom stinks, please, don't forget to take time to play! It's part of your ministry! How exciting. :)

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  1. Great post! Playing with children is CRUCIAL to their development.



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