Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thankfulness; passing the secret down.

So I have begun a thankful list. I like to call it 'God's gifts.' We are such a forgetful people, continually looking for "what's next." If we don't stop & recollect Him in our lives then we'll begin to lose sight of Him. Through the eyes of giving thanks we enter into His gates and courts with praise! So many blessings we receive through the giving of thanks as well...we begin to lose fear in our lives because perfect love casteth out know His perfect love we have to remember Him! We have to begin to see that love. Don't be a forget people, begin to dig and remember the hand of God all in your life....Remember.

A peek into my thankful heart~
1. Full stomachs.
2. Long drives with no destination.
3. God talks with friends and family.
4. God randomly giving me something that plants a seed of hunger/craving for Him.
5. Our family walks after supper.
6. Watching my girls become friends.
7. Hearing Lauren read her own Bible.
8. Laying in bed early in the morning before anyone's awake.
9. Endless hot water in the shower.
10. Water.
11. Seeing a white truck pull in the driveway I sigh a sigh of thankfulness because God has given me another day with him, safely home.
12. Walking into a room where perfume or cologne still looms.
13. Open windows.
14. The high places where we get a clearer view.
15. The low places where we find water.
16. Every Tuesday at ballet a sweet mom named, Harmony never fails to tell me how good and refreshed I look. Sometimes I think God whispers through her encouraging compliments.
17. My girls swinging.
18. My mom; her walk with the Lord has cleared so many thorns and thickets in my own walk.
19. Friends who loan me maternity clothes and baby clothes.
20. The calm after the storm.

I could sit here and go especially recollecting over my past but I just wanted to share some due to having something far greater to share. I helped Lauren start her own 'God's gifts' journal. I'll number it for her most the time and her writing is all over the place but this morning this is what I found in her journal.

1. Mom gave me a chai latte.
2. Dad lets me help him.
3. Mom, I love you.
4. Thank you God for all the plants.
5. Mom.
6. My mom is the best.
7. Is my mom the best?
8. Holy Bible from mom and dad.

I read this only this morning and thanked God.

Do this in remembrance of me.

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