Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sewing tips for the non-sewing mom, saw dust, & waiting.

Well, good morning dear friends! I feel like I've had to blow dust off my blogging site to even see it! It has been a very long time since I have been on here! And for the friends I do have that blog, I have been able to catch up on your blog as well! It looks like God has been  moving & bringing new things to many! New things have been going on around here as well. There has been many times I have wanted to sit & write about something & I never got the chance; the baby would wake up, the girls would start a fight, it was lunch time & the kids were letting me know, etc etc. Or I would get inspired right in the middle of washing dishes! Seriously. Like I was going to shake water off my hands & run to my blog. Ha. I miss writing & it seems I only have time for quick comments on facebook. And sometimes this can be impersonal.

Ok, so, I was not fortunate enough to come into motherhood with sewing knowledge which is a nugget of gold worth more than years & years of schooling in this particular field of work. I could not sew a button on if my life depended on it. I stole that line from a non-sewing friend. Though, Justin assures me that if my life depended on it than I'd figure it out. Lauren has a pilgrim outfit she will be wearing this Friday to the Fall gathering our church hosts every year. It drags the ground even though it's the correct size. It's about 7 inches too long. I did not have time to bug a sewing friend and actually wanted to have this around for her to wear a few years longer. So, I used what I had in the art supply cabinet. Velcro strips. It worked great & I can rip them off from underneath as she grows. For those of you who cannot sew either (I will not mention names, ha) we can survive with a little surviving knowledge. Have I considered learning how to sew? Of course! Do I have the time now that I am in motherhood raising three little ones? Not really. Little or no time for learning anything new. I encourage young women to learn whatever skills they can get their hands on before getting married & having children. You won't regret it. I will be learning this skill way later when my girls are older so that they can have this skill---if I am not too busy with even younger ones. =)

New things going on? Yes! I felt prompted a few weeks ago to simply start a facebook business page of things my husband, Justin, has built. I am serious when I say this was no idea of our own. We were actually surprised we had not thought of this ourselves! It was as if God reached in our cloudy minds and flipped a switch. We could see. Ha. Justin loves building things---it's almost a creative release for both of us. Now we are not looking to go into full time business. Justin has a great job at Overman Buildings and would not dream of leaving. He is happy there & it's rare to be settled & content at a job these days. What are we hoping for then? A successful side business. We want to stand apart as a business that actually makes things people love--- affordable! People love the wood "farm tables" but do not, or can't afford, to pay $1000 for one. People love the hope chests craft stores sell but do not want to spend $600 on one! The same goes for the beds & so forth. Our goal is to put our best into something, learn more, and sell to a crowd that has families, like us, that want quality, wood furniture & can actually consider having it. the chests with the fabric is definitely an original idea of Justin's. He's made fabric pictures in our home, fabric benches and has always wanted to build a chest that way. They have actually been very popular. And it's our very own idea! This is a good feeling. What a creative release that hopefully gets more creative over time. Another agenda for starting this side business is our kids. The idea of being able to have something for them to work at when they're older is comforting. There are many, many benefits to having  a business---even a small one. The hope of bringing in a few dollars to be able to give more to things we are passionate about.  I am no saint--the idea of bringing a few extra dollars into our home was also an agenda. But it does so by allowing Justin to do what he loves and keeps me doing what I love--being home with my kids. We know God put this whole idea on our hearts and we are taking it slow and enjoying the ride. We hope to become better carpenters & become better artists if anything. Keep us in your prayers as we venture this and above all else may we have God's blessing---otherwise, what do we strive for but to strive in vain? =)  
Blessings dear friends & may God bless you in your work as well, whatever path He has you on!

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