Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pictured above is a small gift from my daughter. Peace. Through these fierce tornadoes and hearing very sad aftermaths my heart allowed fear to creep in. Would I know how to respond to a natural disaster? Would I be able to keep my kids safe? What keeps me from being next or walking away unharmed? Peace. Sunday night winds howled loudly. Tree branches swayed in the neighbors yard making terrifying shadows through the girls' blinds. The screen door swung open and slammed. We recently turned our cable off so the comfort of having a continual update was not in reach. We did have the Internet and radio though. I walked through the hallway wrapped up tight in my robe feeling a longing to be close to my kids. I walked into the girls room where they lay awake looking at their windows. "I'm afraid, mom." I looked out their blinds watching the trees. "what do you see, mom? Can I look?" then I hear a quieter voice from the smallest girl "will you put a blanket over my window?" as she shivered.

And Jesus said to the winds "Peace! Be still." And the winds stopped and waves were calm. Who is this man, that even the winds and seas obey Him? I retold this story and slowly peace began to reign. By the time I was done retelling one of the most comforting stories in the bible and after a long prayer asking God to speak peace to our hearts, there was silence outside. "Wouldn't that be cool if Jesus spoke that now and this storm stopped?" "He did, Lauren. It is quiet outside." Both girls lay there in amazement and comfort. God is good to these little hearts that have such great faith.
We cling to peace. His word. It speaks. In Him is the only place to be found. Whether we live or die, we are the lords. I would pray, if my time on earth be taken by such a distaster that I cannot control, that when I wake from the sleep of death, I be found in Him in eternity.

And when the winds and waves crashed and beat upon the house, it stood firm. Why friends? Because it was built upon the rock. Jesus Christ.

His word, our hope secure. He will our shield and portion be, as long as life endures.

grip tight to His word. His words bring peace and calm. Truly it is all we have. Thank goodness.

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