Saturday, March 3, 2012

Give thanks before all else....

"We enter into His gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise...." I wake up with a load to unload before the Lord. But we must remember to first offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving! And then of praise. It's usually not first on our list but important. Important to God. It brings Him pleasure. Justin bought me that adorable bird journal laying on my bible---I wrote in a journal for years---once my last journal ran out, I started something different. It's strictly a thankful journal. I try everyday to sit and ponder what I am truly grateful for that day. I then, number them. I'm at 203 right now. Some days it's truly hard because I don't feel positive and grateful. But I know before walking out of my bedroom, I should walk through His gates first and hopefully into His courts. It takes practice. Give thanks this morning....and watch your heart turn into praise. Savor it. Saints who give thanks get God's attention.

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