Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The shock and the morning after. . .

When my husband & I stood in line to vote yesterday I couldn't help but look at all those around me waiting for their turn. I know they had to be wondering the same thing. This year was wasn't so much about democrats and republicans as it was moral and immoral. We all stood in line this week deciding the fate of our country, the blessed America, the future America. I won't lie, I was very surprised with the end result. In my heart, I really did believe Romney had the win. I just knew that was God's plan. 

My heart sank.

"The America my kids are going to have to face...."

"Our freedoms.....our liberties.....freedom to worship, to speak, to home school, to make our own choices medically, to make our own choices, period." 

" at it's most liberal capacity...the horror of this." 

"The legalizing of gay marriage being the norm for my kids..."

As Christians over the past four years we have already seen the liberties Muslims are gaining and we have lost, we cannot expect this to get better.


Churches are being vandalized through out the states with Nazi signs. People have been arrested in their home for bible studies....

this has all been in America.

It was reported that at one poll a man wearing a t-shirt that read, "Vote biblical..." was told to put a jacket on due to "campaigning" & swaying voters....they said this while a life size poster of Obama and his campaign slogan hung on the wall. 

We watch while America voted to be "free" in their own from morals, laws of the bible, and to choose their own god. 

From this we see why God sets laws & asks us to be that we find true freedom & life....otherwise we are on a pathway to death, because sin is really bondage, never "freedom." 

After the shock of the announcement last night & holding my breath for any last hope from Virginia, Florida and a possible recount of Ohio, I had to accept what was in place...especially once they announced Virginia and Ohio went to Obama. The reality of what our country was going to become and where it had come from and what it had stood for sunk it.....hard.

I wept.

The abortion and perversion of our nation is at an all time high, our country deserves judgement. I would have been surprised honestly at the patience of God, had He allowed Romney. 

Not to say that this election was not God's mercy....hard to see that right now....but being a person of morals (Christianity) and being an immoral person has never been more divided. Well, it probably has in History. 

There's a large line now. Not so much a "fine" line. Part of Obama's strategy is to turn America into an equal of the third world countries. This means financially, government wise (socialism), weapon wise, & religiously. He has accomplished much of this already---

But I have to say, God is allowing him to for a reason....maybe this is what it takes to wake a sleeping church up? To call the ones living in the grey to choose a side morally & actually live that. 

So, what do we do now??

We live. The fight for good and right will be a harder fight, to keep our children will be a tougher battle, but we fight for it. To preserve the good things of living right....

We continue to dig those good & right things up that are being squandered and buried.

(And I mean, dig)

We pray. Daily. While washing dishes, while folding clothes, while working in our daily surroundings, wherever that may be.

We pray for our president. That God would turn his heart. We pray for Christians all over our nation. We pray for God's protection & covering. 

And then we sigh....and trust. God is our rock, not America. 

I regretted telling Lauren the verdict this morning--she had prayed her little heart out that Romney would win. I did break the news and saw her wiping her little eyes....and then she asked, "But what will Obama do!?"

This made me sad. She hears family talking over politics and somehow in her little heart she knew her own freedom was in jeopardy. I smiled and said, "We give thanks that God's will has been done."

On our school chalkboard this morning I wrote, "Pray for our president, pray for our country, & remember God is our strong tower!" 

She smiled and wrote underneath, "God is big! Yay!!!!!"

We're feeling better. Just needed a higher view....Doesn't God say do not fear what man can do to you but the one who has power to cast your soul into hell? Whew! Glad to be on His side! Amen? 

"America, America, May God shed His grace on thee......"


  1. Love this. Comforting to read someone's thoughts that sound very familiar to my own. I'm not the only one thinking these things! Seth and I knew Anaca was going to cry when she heard that "Rom-uh-ney" didn't win. When I could tell by about 8pm or so that it wasn't looking at all like I had truly thought it would, I prayed with her at bedtime and tried my best to convey disappointment, but not fear. Of course, I cried after leaving her room, but I wanted to try to be an example in front of her, anyway. Thankful that no matter how bad this outcome turns out to be it will still be King Jesus ruling in our home! ~Deanne

  2. I thought about you, Deanne, when it was all finalized. Mostly because I know we worry about the freedom to home school & other things concerning our kids. Canada was looking pretty good all the sudden. . .ha. :) But on a more reasonable train of thought, it really is ultimately in God's choosing & we as His people, have to trust Him. Even with our babies. The damage he can do in four more years is plain scary----but on the bright side, four more years is all he's got. Someone after him has a BIG mess to clean up. (bummer though that Obamacare is official since Romney didn't win). Glad I'm not the only one who sees Obama as satan himself. Lol. :) I mean that respectfully, of course.

  3. Haha! Yes, respectfully. (He may even see that as a complement?)

    I know! It's so interesting to think that while this is bad news for our country, it is in a way quite possibly so good for Christians in that when Christians have it good--freedom, financial blessing--we tend to be easier led astray. The more hardships, trials, and persecution we face the closer we cling to Jesus.

    Of course, as you know it's just the wondering of how this affects my rights as a parent. I just tell the Lord, "You gave these kids to me to raise them for You. Please, please, let me continue to do that!" Because it's a waste of life if they aren't serving Him. Blunt, but true. I didn't have kids to watch them grow up serving the devil. But as you said, we have to trust Him. And who better to trust, exactly?! I mean, it's easy to give in to fear and cry as it seems we both did(!). But He loves these kids even more than we do. Crazy to think of that. He will watch over them, even in times of trouble that we don't want to see befall them.

    Anyway, love reading your thoughts, as usual!


  4. Amen, Deanne. You're an encouragement. That is so right on. Thank you for your thoughts, they mean so much to me.



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