Thursday, March 21, 2013

Seize The Time

"Redeeming the time, because the days are evil." Ephesians 5:16 (kvj)

Faithful readers, I must share with you my devotion. If you just happened to read the post from, 'Our Family for His Glory,' that I shared on this blogs facebook page about mothers not having time for God, then you will really appreciate this devotion. It goes hand in hand, fits like a glove, hmmm, almost like God is telling me something. Please be encouraged & soak in the words I'm about to share. This devotion is taken out of His Victorious Indwelling, a devotional I highly recommend. 

All Christians greatly need certain free time to be given to recollection. Try to steal some such hours, knowing that such little parings of time will be your greatest treasures. Try to save your mornings--defend them like a besieged city! Make vigorous defenses against all intruders, clear out the trenches, and then shut yourself up with God. Even the afternoon is too long a period to let go by without taking a spiritual breath. Recollection is a great cure against such evils as pride, a critical spirit, the wanderings of your imagination, impatience with others, love of pleasure, and all such faults. It is an excellent remedy, but it needs frequent repetition, much like an expensive watch, which needs constant winding. 

  Another suggestion: reread the books which moved you; they will do so again, and with greater profit than the first time! Also, be patient with yourself, avoiding both self-deception and discouragement. This is often hard to do--people either look complacently on themselves and their good intentions, or they despair utterly. 
   Expect nothing of yourself, but all things of God. Knowledge of our own hopeless, incorrigible weakness, coupled with an unreserved confidence in God's power is the true foundation of all spiritual life. 
    If you have not much time at your own disposal--make good use of every moment you have. It does not take long hours to love God, to renew the consciousness of His presence, to lift up the heart to Him or worship Him, to offer Him all we do or bear. This is the true Kingdom of God within us, which nothing can disturb.
--Francois Fenelon

We are just as spiritual when resting, playing, sleeping, ill or incapacitated, if it is His will for us, as when we are directly serving God. We can maintain an undercurrent of knowing we are in complete accord with God and pleasing to Him whatever we are dong. 
--Lewis Sperry Chafer

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