Monday, April 8, 2013

A peek inside our Holy Week :)

I wanted to share with you our week leading up to Resurrection Sunday!
Last year I was thrilled doing a small garden with the girls that showed the empty tomb, etc. This year I took it a step further and we did a lesson and activity every night. Some nights included Justin and I acting out the story which brushed us both up on our theatre skills. It was nothing short of awesome. And fun. And beneficial. And some nights emotional. 

Our first night started with Palm Sunday! "Hosannah! Hosannah!" Our activity included the homemade palm branches (yes, made from a cut out of their palm. *snickers*). Everyone got a turn riding the donkey (played by their sweet daddy) and playing Jesus. I actually loved this first night---Hosannah, meaning 'Jesus save!!' while they threw their coats and palm branches in His path. Thank you, Jesus, you did! 

Our second night introduced Mary Magdeline. The woman forgiven of much who therefore loved much! She is the woman as we all remember who walked into the midst of many accusers and fell at Jesus' feet and wept. She broke the expensive perfume and poured everything out on the one who she saw as the most valuable. This was acted out by Justin and I, and in the middle of telling this story I did choke can you not feel the overflowing love of this woman sitting at the feet of love Himself. Our activity included the girls emptying their piggy banks with a bag full of coin rollers laid out counting that money! This was to be their offering for Resurrection Sunday! What they hold as valuable given to one who is priceless!

Our third night was especially special. Here we introduced the foot washing ceremony Jesus  performed at the Last Supper. Our activity included our very own foot washing....Justin and I washed Lauren's, Lauren washed Libby's, and Libby washed bubby's. But....we made sure to muddy up those feet first! A great lesson to be learned here. 

Our fourth night was the Last Supper. Our activity was exactly that--the Lord's supper. 

(It was important to Libby to be a "real" disciple.)

Our fifth night we followed Jesus to the Garden where He wept. We talked about His sacrifice.... Our activity included gathering rocks and writing things we struggle with on them; once this was done we formed them into a cross in the ground stressing why He died. And that He took our place....

Our sixth night was the resurrection cookies. Each ingredient symbolizes a specific part of His death: Vinegar, what they gave Jesus on the cross when He was thirsty. Salt, representing the bitter tears of those who mourned His death. Crushed nuts, representing how His body was broken for us. So far, the ingredients are not very appealing! Egg white, representing the righteousness of God! But then you add a cup of sugar, representing the whole reason why He did this! Ultimate love, eternal life and a hope! drop them by the spoon full and throw in oven, which represents the tomb, tape it shut and the next morning they are hollow! Because He is risen!

We had a great time making these and I love the idea of them. The girls' favorite part that night was taping the tomb shut! Our cookies were not hollow the next morning unfortunately, not sure what we did wrong. We'll try again next year! :)

Resurrection Sunday included checking our cookies in the empty "tomb," gathering their rolled coin they did on night two for church, and these sweet pictures we did after service Sunday.

I also had their "sin" rocks we made into a cross on night five gathered into a bowl with a red cloth, representing Jesus' blood and covered with a white cloth showing we are made clean by that blood. But on the backside of each rock was written a new gift we receive to replace that sin. Praise God, our struggles are not only forgiven, nailed down, but replaced!

Feel free to share how you kept Jesus at the heart of Easter for your kids. There are many, many great ideas out there. A couple nights we also added coloring pages to go with the night's story & listened to the Kids Audio bible for each lesson. May we strive as Christian households to uphold Jesus in our celebrations & lifestyles. 



  1. So sweet! The children are adorable. Such good parents you both are, teaching your children about Jesus. <3

    1. Thank you, E! Such a rewarding, fun, and awesome job! Kids make it all so real! <3



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