Friday, December 16, 2011

My December continued...

Thank you dear ones for following me through this month as I capture moments that make this truly memorable.

My sister celebrated her 21st birthday on the 4th. Her life is a miracle & every year I am reminded of just that.

Stair step sisters. We like each other pretty good.
My son. Let me say that son.

Lauren working on her potholder gifts. She has an admirer.
Christmas gifts complete. Homemade potholders & homemade snow globes. (Thank you Pinterest).
I'd say they came out pretty nifty.

Eggnog in pretty little tea cups at nonny's.

Liberty is really digging the eggnog this year.

Poppy likes having testosterone around.

...they do too.

Little girls who love hanging around their nonny. Especially when they know shes got things going on in the kitchen.

My friend, Rachel. Oh. And my sister.
Caring little mommies coaxing a crying baby boy.

Oops, did I throw a dirty picture up? Ugh. Grim, rust and grime.

Over four hours, 7 SOS pads, a water bottle a few towels, and a giant blister on my thumb later ....thank you Kathi Bailey for the inspiration. I know. You showed me a picture of your oven messy, but I wasn't convinced, Mere crumbs compared to gross, gooey, rust on mine. Now I don't mind crumbs so much. :)
Our own little charlie brown Christmas. Lets make it good.

My bed is full. My heart overflows.
Thank you, Justin for the holiday toes.
The timing in life when little girls begin to add things to the grocery list.
This made me smile.

This is one clean pan. I'm here to tell ya.


Thank you for scrolling with me through my most treasured moments this month. I still have yet more to capture. What a beautiful month. What a beautiful year it has been.

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