Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bubbling over to a listening ear.

Hello friends. I have purposely made time to write today due to things piling up in my head and I am about to explode. Thank goodness for blogger, right? We can pour our hearts out and get feedback from people letting us know if we are crazy or not. :) I was actually due another December post but after putting all the christmas pics up on facebook; all 100 and something of them, well, I just decided to move on. They bogged down our laptop which lead to my husband deleting them. But they're safely secure on facebook for the time being. Since the last December post I have celebrated my 27th birthday. This was the first birthday that hit me hard. The uphill to 30 I suppose. For the first time I really related to people who jokingly said "Ok. No more birthdays, please. This is my last." None the less, it was a beautiful day. My mom and sisters made me a yummy lunch, all from scratch & brought it to me. My girls and I all had decorated lunch bags with our names on them. Very sweet. I got a sweet birthday card in the mail from a friend in AZ, that made my day as well. It was funny and reminds me of her everytime I look up from the dishes and see it. The evening of my birthday we met my family at Olive Garden and enjoyed a delicious meal and cake then hung out at the coffee shop till almost 10:00. I was a happy girl. I rarely have time to shop anymore. Ok. So I never shop anymore (for myself anyways). Unless it's groceries. No pity though, it's just where I'm at right now in life. I don't have alot of free time. And that's ok because someday I will have free time and I will miss being constantly needed. Anyways, my mom knows this and bought me a couple outfits for my birthday. So, at times, I can put them on and I know people must think I spend an awful lot of money on clothes for having three kids. :) Mom has good taste and knows how to put a classy outfit together for half the price of the regular. Also, my sweet husband shopped around and bought me a fancy phone. I really like him for this. I have had too much fun with that rig; he has too. My mother in law sent me a starbucks card. :):):):):):) Sometimes I want to drive to Jonesboro and just grab a vente coffee. That's all. New Years we put the kids to bed early and watched a little tv. I couldn't have been happier.

*****I am having a hard time finishing this post due to the blustering wind waking my kids up*****

And here we are at January. Once the holidays were over, er, the month of December period, we all took a deep breath and embraced routine again. I am still embracing it. I give it a big, sloppy wet kiss everyday. You don't realize how much you love your ordinary, mundane life until you've lived out of it for over a month. The first weekend in January we headed out to our land. He's been wanting to go out there every weekend, and sometimes mentions it in the week. He likes to burn the massive piles & simply hang out. I guess for a man it's relaxing and he has a dream to build there in the near future and being there makes him feel closer to that reality. I try to understand this even though without the convenience of a bathroom and a nursing infant, I could really throw a fit about staying indoors. :) Anyways, here's some pics of our last trip there. There's something spiritual about being out in the bare land with only nature. It makes you see how materialistic you are otherwise.

Since the last set of pics we have brush hogged and done some clearing. The kids can actually run around now.

We played chase, sat and watched the fire and helped throw sticks in. Maybe Justin was right. It was nice being away from town and all the electronics in our home. Plumbing though--always a plus.

I cannot wait to be surrounded by trees and see this sky every evening.
Isn't He beautiful? Captivating. Sometimes I think I could be a mountain mama. But then I come home to my conveniences and think "naaaaa."
I actually had some personal things to share I felt like the Lord was walking me through but once I signed into my blog and saw Christmas decor still up, I lost my train of thought and saw I had some catching up to do. Thanks for listening to me chit chat. Maybe on another lucky day, all three of my kids will sleep at the same time and I can share more of my heart. My husband is now home, the big tuna (inside joke, please don't ask), and I'd like to appear as if I've been folding. Till the next quiet moment~

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